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Friday, October 31, 2014

Cataldo's Education Credits in Question

Cataldo Attended Diploma Mill "University" for his "Degree"

In State Senate District 6 (Alton, Barnstead, Farmington, Gilmanton, New Durham, and Rochester) the Republican candidate is the incumbent Sam Cataldo. Foster's reports Mr. Cataldo got his degree in Nuclear Engineering for LaSalle University Louisiana, and then worked at Vermont Yankee and Pilgrim nuclear power plants. Wikipedia, among others, lists LaSalle University in Mandeville, Louisiana as a diploma mill shut down by the federal government. At such diploma mills, degrees could be purchased for as little as $5,000.00 with no work required.  Foster's, typically, has endorsed Mr. Cataldo for reelection.  The comments section of a Foster's article from the 2012 race brings up these concerns.

There is also a reputable LaSalle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  If you check their available programs, you will come across evidence that they never offered a nuclear engineering degree and don't have any program that even mirrors that. Furthermore, Senator Cataldo is quoted in multiple articles, primarily in Foster's Daily Democrat, as claiming he went to the LaSalle in Mandville, LA.  Sam claims to have received the degree in 1995 before working at Seabrook. So why would Foster's support this man for Senate.

And more importantly, why should any of his constituents?

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Rich tours Great Bay College, Albany Safran

On Oct. 16, state senate candidate Rich Leonard and Mayor TJ Jean toured the Great Bay Community College and Albany/Safran production facility to highlight the great partnership between the school and the manufacturing business.

Over the last year, the community college has been providing a feeder program in advanced manufacturing to prepare students for good paying jobs at Albany/Safran. The production facility is located next to the Skyhaven Airport.

Leonard, who is running against Sam Cataldo for the State Senate, went on the tour to emphasize his support for the community college system and the training these institutions provide to give people the necessary affordable training for good paying jobs.

“What Great Bay Community College and Albany/Safran have accomplished with their partnership has been a model program on how to get our citizens good-paying jobs,” said Leonard. “If elected I will continue to make sure the community college system is well funded because it is vital to our communities.”

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rich Leonard will work for us, not for the moneyed interests

To The Daily Sun,
Rich Leonard, our candidate for state Senate, has been out talking to neighbors and potential constituents in Rochester, Farmington, Gilmanton, Alton, New Durham and Barnstead. He's listening to our stories and finding out what is important to us. As a resident of New Durham, a pharmacist in Alton and having lived in Rochester for 26 years, Rich knows our communities well, and he is determined to listen more and learn more about what the people of this district need to build strong families and move New Hampshire forward.
Contrast this with Sam Cataldo, our incumbent state senator. While Sam accepts phone calls and e-mails from constituents, he appears not to be listening. For every issue about which I contacted Sam, he voted the wrong way, yielding to moneyed interests over New Hampshire families. Sam did agree to meet with his constituents here in Barnstead, but he followed up that meeting with votes that disregarded all that we had brought to his attention. We asked Sam to talk to his Farmington neighbors who work full-time but have no health insurance. When we followed up that request with emails asking about these conversations, he failed to respond.
Needless to say Sam voted against Medicaid expansion.
Rich Leonard knows from personal experience what families need to be strong and secure, and he continues to take every possible opportunity to listen to the people of his district. If you aren't fortunate enough to have conversation with Rich as he knocks on doors, you will assuredly be heard if he is elected.
I urge you to cast your ballot on Nov. 4 for Rich Leonard. He will work for us, not for the moneyed interests that pull Sam Cataldo's puppet strings. It's time for a change in Senate District 6.
Diane St. Germain
Center Barnstead
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Senate hopefuls Leonard, Cataldo disagree on most issues, meet on some

"State Sen. Sam Cataldo, and his opponent in the District 6 election Richard Leonard, expressed sharply contrasting views on issues relating to education, health care, and the environment, during a candidates forum Wednesday night."

Read the rest of the article written by Liz Markhlevskaya of the Foster's Daily Democrat here.


State Senate hopeful Richard Leonard says he'll fight for what is right in N.H.

"Leonard, a Democrat from New Durham, is running against District 6 incumbent Republican state Sen. Sam Cataldo of Farmington."

Read the full article by Liz Markhlevskaya of the Foster's Daily Democrat here.

Healthcare a personal issue for Richard Leonard

"A personal brush with what the healthcare system can mean to families opened Rich Leonard's eyes and spurred him onto a new path. The thoughtful, soft-spoken Leonard, well-known locally as the owner of Miller Farm and pharmacist at Hannaford's in Alton, moved here 10 years ago with his wife Phebe.

But when she was diagnosed with cancer and lost her health benefits in the middle of chemotherapy treatments, the couple was in trouble. Before the Affordable Care Act, what would a person with a pre-existing condition do? ..." -Cathy Allyn 

Read the rest of the article by Cathy Allyn of October 23rd The Baysider on page A3. 

A Very Insightful Article In The October 23, 2014, “The Baysider”

"A very good and topical article. I knew much of this BUT it was good to read about it. I urge you all, IF you are N.H. District 6 voters to PLEASE check it out.

We need Richard Leonard in the N.H. Senate — seated alongside my other buddy Andrew Hosmer." 

- Anura Guruge

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