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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Rich Receives Howard Dean's Endorsement from Democracy for America

New Hampshire Journal Features Endorsements

Rich Leonard at the Farmington Primary
 Recently, Howard Dean's organization, Democracy for America endorsed Rich Leonard and 5 others in the Democratic State Senate Caucus .Senators Peggy Gilmour, Martha Fuller Clark, and David Watters, along with candidates Chris Muns, Lee Nyquist were all given the nod of approval from Democracy for America, The endorsement was part of their Purple to Blue endorsement series. The series aims to endorse Democratic candidates and legislators running in states that currently have a Republican majority in the legislature.

"It felt validating to have Dean's organization endorse me in my very competitive Senate Race" explains Rich, "Hopefully, this is beginning of more widespread Democratic support to come in the state for my race."

Rich has also receive the endorsement of the State Employees Association, a local of the Service Employees International Union, in the past.

Rich was active on Primary Day, visiting the poling places throughout District 6.  Even though there were only a few contested Democratic primaries, he felt it was important to meet the voters, and have support for other candidates in their local races.  Rich is very thankful to everyone who stood at a poll for the day holding one of his signs, and congratulates all local primary winners.

Polling in Rochester with Anne Grassie.
Polling in Rochester with candidate Sandy Keans
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Dean’s DFA backing six NH state Senate candidates as part of ‘Purple to Blue’ effort in NH Journal

2014 SEA/SEIU Local 1984 endorsed candidates

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Rich Leonard, personal collection


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Belknap County Candidate's Night in Laconia

Rich Had An Excellent Time With Senator Andrew Hosmer, Mike Cryans and Other Belknap County Elected Officials/Candidates

On Sunday, September 14th, Rich had the opportunity to speak at a Belknap County Dems Candidate's Night. Each candidate was challenged to give a brief stump speech to the Democratic Committee. Rich used this time to tell his personal story about his wife Phebe's battle with cancer and how being faced with losing healthcare coverage really opened up his eyes about healthcare in America.

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Andrew Hosmer(Left),Mike Cryans(Center)


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Alton Centennial Rotary Club Inducts Rich Leonard as Member

Rich joins the Rotary Club

Rich Leonard recently was sworn in as a member of the Alton Centennial Rotary Club. “I joined Rotary because 'service before self' is a Rotarian principle I strongly believe in. I am honored to be part of an organization of local business and professional leaders that perform community service locally and worldwide.” Leonard said of his induction into the club. 

The professional service organization, which is part of Rotary International, shares the Rotary International mission which raises funds and member volunteer time, talent, and resources to improve and save lives both locally and globally. The mission of the Alton Centennial club further engages in work within its representative communities to provide student scholarships, disaster relief, and assisting with other local charities to make a difference in the lives of local residents and citizens. 

As the world's largest private provider of international scholarships, the Rotary Foundation helps more that 1000 students annually. The international volunteer organization has 1.2 million members consisting of business and professional leaders dedicated to provide humanitarian services to bring peace and goodwill to their communities. “Rotary is a good match for me with my background as a community pharmacist in Alton,. I look forward to being an active member for years to come.” Rich said of his membership in the organization.

The club meets on Thursday mornings at the Alton Community Center.

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Alton Centennial Rotary Club   www.
Rotary International

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Help Us with Canvassing on September 6th and 7th

Saturday and Sunday Canvassing

September 6th-Rochester
Time: 10am to 1pm
Place: Planet Fitness Parking Lot(306 North Main Street, Rochester, NH)

September 7th-New Durham
Time: 2pm to 4:30pm
Place: Rich's Farm in New Durham(51 Miller Road, New Durham, NH)

To join the canvass please touch base with Theo Siggelakis at

Get A Lawn Sign to Show Your Support for Rich

Lawn signs are officially arriving soon. Please let us know if you would like a lawn sign. 

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Rich Leonard Personal Collection.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rich Leonard fills the prescription for an excellent NH Senator

Attention Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians!

This election year, Rich Leonard, a practicing pharmacist in Alton, is running for State Senate and has asked for support of the pharmacy community. The NH Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists) neither endorses nor denounces any political candidate, but as a courtesy and for informational purposes, we are forwarding a letter from him, including his position statement and reference to his campaign website.

Dear Colleague, 
My name is Richard Leonard and I am running for the NH State Senate.  I am the ONLY pharmacist running for senate in NH.  Since graduating in 1975 from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy I have been a community pharmacist and currently practice in Alton at Hannaford’s. 
In my opinion, I think it is in the best interest of pharmacists across this state to have one of their own in the legislature.  Legislative bills that had the support of the NHPA and NHSHP did not make it through the legislative process possibly because we did not have an elected advocate.  
A good example is House Bill 1219: 
HB1219- is a bill relative to the work schedule of pharmacists. The bill’s key provision is that a pharmacist working longer than 5 hours in a workday Shall take a 30-minute rest break. 
Other key issues, to list just a few, include Prescription Drug Monitoring, Compounding, Collaborative Agreements, and Sharps disposal (HB1344). 
Having a Pharmacist in the Senate with real world experience would advance legislative advocacy on behalf of all pharmacists and public health in general. 
I nearly won Senate District 6 in 2012 but came up 319 votes shy out of 25,000 votes. Your interest in this campaign is critical to winning November 4th. The Nashua Telegraph reported recently that my district – Rochester, Farmington, New Durham, Alton, Gilmanton and Barnstead, is one of three most likely to flip to the challenger. 
I ask all Pharmacists for Rich Leonard-State Senate to lend me your support and if elected I promise to always be open minded and an advocate for pharmacy. Please go to my website for more information. 
My Sincere Thanks,
“Richard Leonard for Senate”
51 Miller Rd
New Durham, NH 03855

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Letter in Rochester Times Endorsing Rich

This letter appeared in the August 7 Letters to the Editor Section of the Rochester Times.

Cataldo signs Koch Brothers pledge to harm working families

To the Editor:

Our District 6 State Senator, Sam Cataldo, recently pledged to gridlock our government and begin to dismantle all we have built in New Hampshire in the past two years. Sam signed the Americans for Prosperity Taxpayer Pledge.

The Pledge, supported by American’s for Prosperity, one of the political arms of the Libertarian Koch Brothers’ empire, commits its signers to concentrate on five things: 1. cut taxes, fees and oppose any increases; 2. cut spending and the size of government; 3. pass a right to work law in NH; 4. oppose the Affordable Care Act, and any healthcare reforms that would improve it, including Medicaid expansion; and 5. uphold the constitutions of the US and NH. Basically, Senator Cataldo has pledged to follow the libertarian values of his Koch Brother supporters, rather than represent his constituents by listening to them.

This is a pledge that you essentially break when you sign it. The fifth point in the pledge is to uphold the constitutions of the US and NH. Both compel representatives to represent their constituents, not special interests. By signing this pledge, Senator Cataldo has refused to uphold his constitutional duty to represent his people, because he will work diligently to remove all the protections our government has for working women and men. His pledge tells me that he will work against the wishes of my neighbors and friends in District 6.

Rich Leonard is a kind and generous man, who sees the struggles of working class families everyday at his job. Rich personally knows the struggles that working families must endure. When his wife was fighting cancer and her job was terminated, she and Rich lost their health care. Trying to find insurance with a pre-existing condition was next to impossible. Rich did find health care through his employer, but Rich understands that this is not the circumstance for many people. Because he cares deeply for the people in his community and district, Rich is the kind of person I can trust to fight for our best interests, not the best interests of the libertarian anti-government Koch Brothers.

So I urge you to consider this when you vote this fall. I encourage you to vote for Rich Leonard for the District 6 State Senate seat. Rich is a pharmacist who also works a farm in New Durham. I know Rich to be a person of integrity and justice. He is not interested in being bought by special interest groups. He is only interested being the voice of his community in the NH Senate, a community in which he lives and works. You can learn more about Rich Leonard on his website at

Stan Freeda

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Letters to the Editor August 7 in the Rochester Times


Have Dessert with Rich and Carol Shea-Porter

Campaign Fundraiser August 12 at the Governor's Inn

Enjoy dessert with Rich Leonard, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, and a host of other Democrats, at the Governor's Inn this coming Tuesday, August 12 from 7:00 - 9:00 PM.